2 am Downloads…

Consciousness is stirring from a dream.  A wave of darkness surrounded it, weighing down its natural lightness.  Yet, its slumber is as true and destined as the wakened memories conveying their desire to rise from its rest. This one unique consciousness is unified and patterned in a multitude of colors.  … Continue reading

Let Us Meet at the Center, The Latest Release by Mantra Sphynx & 6KAT9

The first release from the next album by Mantra Sphynx is titled “Let Us Meet at the Center” and is now available digitally world wide! Mantra Sphynx teamed up with the amazingly talented artist 6KAT9 to produce a unique and artistic blend of poetry, art and electronica.  The first track … Continue reading

Stepping Beyond Polarity

A discussion was raised to me among friends of various circles, so during my morning meditation I was suddenly offered a download. The discussion was around if we are all walking a path of accepting either the light side or the dark side.  Some people walk in the path of darkness, … Continue reading

“The Resonance” by Mantra Sphynx

“The Resonance,” , a collection of music created over the past decade, but finally recorded between 2012-2015 (give or take the time distortion lol) is now available on CD. Its time to put together what is here NOW, compile it all and allow the music to breathe on its own … Continue reading

Let Us Meet at the Center

Let us meet at the center, Between dreams and sleep. Where time collapses and space retreats, Where I am you and you are me, A oneness fulfilling our anchoring. Let us meet at the center, Between waves and shapes. Where force produces and colors emanate, Where I am you and … Continue reading

Gravity + Photons = We Rock

This article is a recap and observation from some of the new possibilities being offered by leading edge scientists, thinkers and lovers of our time.  This past week, Wisdom Teachings, on Gaia Tv, went through extensive details on the structure of pyramids and the science behind the potential technology they offer. … Continue reading

A Reunion

Beckoned by a feeling of ache and doubt, it creeped up on my day and nagged me throughout. I sunk into the Earth and rolled around on its grass, as if to ask for an embrace to swallow me up in its grasp. Taken by a moment of renewal and … Continue reading