Be Easy – 2-19-2016

I have been offered a gift – to awaken to the light which I am and you are; all of us intertwined in a cosmic light parade.  Our resonating awareness vibrates and calls to each other.  The fire within each one of us asks us to open up, share and explore this wonderland together.

For we are all united in this universe. My thoughts and feelings are felt here and there.  Nowhere, nothere – it’s all encompassed in this epic co-creation.

Let us find one another.  Let us love the deepness which we live.  Let us be our truest selves – Earth dwellers and galactic love beings.

Be easy on yourselves, my friends, and easy on each other.  Forgiveness lies in a moment and a space where truth expands.  For we are all here expanding in the absolute truth of light, love and resonance.

Blessings of love,

Nicole Ann

Enjoy the latest Epic LBT song & art offered through the intention of spreading light and love!

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