It Doesn’t Matter What THEY Are Doing…You Are Called Too.


We are all called to live our destiny to the fullest.  Wherever you may think you are in life is where you should be.  Whatever circumstance that you find yourself in, how could it be any different?  Doesn’t the job you go to or the people that surround you serve some purpose to you?

Is it for money?  Is that why you work and commute and drink glass after glass of coffee or soda?  Is it the hectic pace of your life that you are striving for in order not to stop and be with yourself?

If that is the truth, then allow yourself to live it.  Live it out fully and know that its your choice.  Its not your spouse’s choice, its not because you have kids to feed, or the car to pay for…its your choice and even more so, your DIVINE RIGHT to live this way.

Yet – for me…there was this tiny voice in my head that said, there’s something different calling me.  I want more than this.  I want to rise from this struggle.  I certainly did, and I enjoyed surrounding myself with tasks and people at work who were fun to play with every day.  I came to not see work as a burden or something that I was chained to, but rather a tool for my evolution.

Following your heart works this way.  Listen to what its telling you.  Perhaps you are ready to move into a new career, or even retire.  Whatever it is…what are you doing when you are home?  Those are the moments to fill yourself back up.  Those are the times to be with yourself and enjoy what you love.  Those are the times you can live as you truly want to.  Somehow, those times will merge into all aspects of your life…transforming it into your life passion.

In my journey, I’ve been blessed to live a new life style based on freedom and self-fulfilment.  It doesn’t look how I ever expected it to, but the Universe sure knows how to fill in my reality with lovely surprises.  The biggest surprise of all – discovering the love of my life, the one who was always in the mirror, the one who always pulled me up out of bed in my darkest moments, my greatest cheerleader…the most glorious love of my life, ME.  Three cheers for that!

My point is this – it doesn’t matter what your friend, spouse, family, etc.  is doing with their lives.  It all begins with YOU.  Love yourself enough to choose your own heart.  The God within is waiting for you to answer. 🙂

Blessings of Love to You,
Nicole Ann

We’re on a Mission from God

Mission-from-GodI absolutely love the movie ‘The Blues Brothers.’  After living a life of crime, the guys go on a mission to save their childhood orphanage from closure by getting their band back together.  Besides being a really funny movie, its inspiring when they rock the last show.  They answered the call, despite all the odds placed before them.

Living your life’s passion begins by answering your divine calling.  This is often time a step full of challenges, doubt, fears, and risks. If you choose to answer your calling, the roads before you open, opportunities easily unfold and the Universe rises up to aid you in your walk.  Those negative emotions become your friends, they aided you and made you stronger.  Now you are a beacon opened up to a astounding light.

Amid this transformation, there will be a shifting of people who revolve in your life.  There is a point where the fake you and the new you converge…and the True You emerges..  New people are bound to show up on this; true friends and family.  The ones who accept, embrace and support you in your calling.  They respect your choices and trust your divine will.  Many gifts will awaken to you, and thankfully the greatest one is the Infinite love from within.  Listen to your own God. Listen to its strength.  You are the center, unbound by anyone else’s rules.  Listen and walk into your own true nature.

Be steadfast – whether you are starting your own business, writing, creating art, a musician, a mother or father, a teacher, etc…know that THIS is your calling.  Its not a job, its a mission from God.  Live from your heartset’s mission, and the world around you will reflect support and acceptance.

Infinite blessings to you,

Nicole Ann

The Power of Live Music








The Power of Live Music

“There’s movement in its pulse,

the transient force which overwhelms.

Places of your soul are moved into your awareness,

your body responds honestly…effortlessly.

Suddenly, you feel more alive than ever before.

Changed into a new awareness, and a new way of being.

The frequency is yours to mold into your own uniqueness,

and you are moved forward to live a life focused on your own truth.”

– Mantra Sphynx


We are the Music

We are limitless in definition.   Labels or symbols to who we are and what our purpose only becomes defined by our own meaning.


This world in which we share is strung together in moments bound together by frequencies.  Our movies guided by its soundtrack.  Our holidays staged by its hymns.  Our voice whispered lullabies to soothe our children.   Our hearts beating to the Earth’s rhythm.  The core of our being pulsating it’s tune. The elevators chiming its arrival.  The birds and insects proclaiming their joy in living.   The chorus of our lives reverberates through frequency and echoes throughout this world we have awaken to. Everywhere we turn the sounds surround us,  through us and within us.


The miracle of focusing on defining what I AM is realizing you are all of it.  Every single human being, animal, plant,  machine. ..every piece of information perceived in this world is a musician playing its melody in the universe’s ultimate band.




When I Began to Love Myself

Morning reflections for the artistically inspired moment. 🙂

When I Began to Love Myself…
I noticed a dramatic shift in my environment. I suddenly cared about where I was and who I was with…and I felt compelled to create spaces which fulfilled me.

15600177-Music-tree-hearts-note-symbol-vector-on-wave-lines-Design-love-element-Valentine-abstract-background-Stock-Vector When I Began to Love Myself…
I wasn’t really sure how that looked or what that felt like. So I started with loving others all around me easily and unconditionally…and my own heart was fulfilled in that love as there are no others; only me.
When I Began to Love Myself…
I realized there was a point in this life where I could love who I am completely in a new way. So I took what I learned from how amazing it felt to love certain people in my life, and refocused that love into my own heart. As love is a powerful energy, which has no beginning or end, the love reflected out of my heart to others and back again, over and over, around and around.
When I Began to Love Myself…
I no longer felt the need to compare myself to anyone or anything,or be or do anything…but rather just allowed myself to be a projection of God/Goddess love and will.
When I Began to Love Myself…
A force field seemed to manifest around me and amazing positive and loving experiences echoed my way.
When I Began to Love Myself…
Mother Nature became my friend and my confidant, no longer a separated out of control force to bend upon me.
When I Began to Love Myself…
It looked like I went out on an adventure, but it was merely a trip to the grocery store. It looked like when I walked through a park or down a sidewalk, the world around me transformed into a Disney movie. It felt like pure fucking magic, everywhere all the time.
When I Began to Love Myself…
I noticed the unkind thoughts and energy which I had vortexed around my heart, which manifested into my body’s projection. I saw that energy as a friend who needed to be loved more, and found a place for it to be loved, rather than fixed or corrected.
When I Began to Love Myself…
I only go where my heart’s desire takes me. I only listen to God/Goddess’s will through feeling. And if a place or activity feels exciting or as if I can’t wait to do so…I go and am fully present. This is my gift…to be there with you because I absolutely would rather be no where else in that moment.
When I Began to Love Myself…
You became me, me became us, and us became all-that-is-and-matters.
When I Began to Love Myself…
I no longer needed to cocreate with anyone outside of the holy spirit…and no longer did I hold claim to specific people representing a certain cocreation. My God/Goddess’s love is enough.
When I Began to Love Myself…
I was able to share the love and light through musical expression, art and writing. Its through this sharing that I activate in my heart more waves of its magical love, thus hoping to inspire those who find this message to look for ways to love their own hearts fully.

Infinitely loved and blessed,

Nicole Ann

Happy Loved by Tyloga Day!

Triple Heart of LBT

Triple Heart of LBT – My first pastel painting ever was fan art.

In honor of Loved by Tyloga‘s 4th birthday, I would like to share with you a story.

I asked the Universe to send me musicians.  My vision for myself was clear, and in my asking I felt a fire burning in me like never before.  It was a brisk spring day, and I had just left campus to drive back to my office.  In between jobs, I would focus on how I was feeling and what I was desiring.  During this time, I was at a pivotal crossroads.  As a conscious creator, I had choices to make in relationships, career, on what I was to do, where to go, but most importantly, who to BE and what thoughts and feelings I wanted to experience.

Somewhere in this moment, I decided to choose ME, that being who I truly was, and discover even more of who I was by releasing what I was to everyone around me.  I had built a woman around other’s perceived expectations, and even she believed them to be true.  In this moment of choosing, I was looking in a mirror at myself and seeing a light which I always knew to be; one of beautiful, pure love.  From that basis, I felt music pour out.  At the core of my soul, I always knew that was one of my truest passions.  If I was to start again, but this time from truth and authentication, I knew it had to be to follow my dreams of being a full time musician.  I knew I had to open up and let the world into who I truly was but first I had to discover that fully.  That path led me into exploring the limits of my expansion and recreate my beliefs as a limitless, ever becoming eternal being.  That was my choice, a divine free will offered to me, and accepted by me.

The universe answered in the most surprising and phenomenal way.

A couple months later, I happened to be on Facebook. You may have heard of the Dooley brothers, Thoughts Become Things, Vibration Activation, all of that jazz…if so then you know Andy Dooley.  He posted a cool message on his Facebook page.  After liking the post, my mouse was hovered over to show a bunch of other people liked it too.  But only one name popped up with his little profile pic, Fernando Oliveira.  I thought, well isn’t that the most awesome name I’ve ever seen liking stuff that Andy Dooley would post!  My curiosity encouraged me to click on his name.  I saw that he was in a different country than me but had musician written all over his profile.

I rarely add people I have never met in person at least once.  I have some online friends through Good Vibe University (my magical power posse!) but that’s it.  I was in a curious and open mood and the musician stuff intrigued me.  I sent a friend request, and went on my way.

He accepted the request, introduced himself in a message, and sent his band information.  Upon looking at Loved by Tyloga’s info, I was astonished to see the description was similar to the intent I had behind my projects.  To even more amazement, I found out he set up a home studio on a farm in Portugal, and pursued his passion for creating music from there.  I even said out loud to myself, “There’s a man…in the middle of Portugal…making the most amazing metal music…who brings the electric guitar to life like no one else I’ve met…WHAT!?”  How awesome is that!

I didn’t realize the depths of my asking the Universe for musicians…or the magnitude of the response.  Yet, now looking from this perspective, I see I was set upon a possibility of being Loved by Tyloga.

I was led into a realm of possibilities.  Fernando shared his music with me, a song at a time.  I felt like I was submerged into an online rock ‘n roll training academy.  I was shy over my music and was just opening up, but he allowed me to share mine…and offered me honest advice and encouragement.  We had this amazing stage between us where we could share openly, freely without judgement or discernment.  It was pure honesty and trust to allow ourselves to grow as artists…and human beings.  We both expanded rapidly.  He helped me during some of my darkest moments and I offered a light to him during his.  We created music together and cheered each other on for our own projects.

Through this sharing, he reflected to me not only a dearest friend, but a mentor, partner, and a lover…from across the world and time zones.  Spacetime showed itself as an illusion.  Synchronicities between us occurred over and over, and what we did communicate about our lives were so surprising the word coincidence proved to be illusionary as well.

LBT continues to flow through Fernando and the musical and beautiful light of his heart is ever more revealed with each moment.

The most amazing gift of LBT is how it raises me up and holds me there.  I resonate with the music; it feels like it was written for me. Sometimes I get little nudges or reminders sent to me via my internal radio waves.  I wake up to certain lyrics of certain LBT songs.  Its like Tyloga is speaking to me, comforting me, always reminding me of how loved I am.

During this becoming, I am continually awakened to my own heart, propelled by an overwhelming desire to feel and know who I really am.  I opened up to multidimensional living. I intended to expand in this way.  Through that intent, LBT came into my life and helped me in ways no one but God will ever understand.  My life was completely rearranged into a new reality.

I am eternally appreciative of Loved by Tyloga and for Fernando allowing and sharing his art and craft with me…and you.  I am forever changed and intend to be of loving support and inspiration for the flowers of Loved by Tyloga to ever blossom.

An added bonus to this day is the release of LBT’s new song entitled, “The Host.”  Thank you again!



My Date <3

My intent for sharing this story is to offer some insight on how we are all co-creating with Spirit; the most fulfilling true love reflecting in our lives.

I decided to go on a date with myself. I recently moved to FL, and coming from an inland Oysters!!!cold state to this reality has been an adventure in itself. Across from my studio is a seafood place that I’ve been looking forward to checking out. So, on this particular evening, I felt in my heart to go out and enjoy myself. I got dressed up and felt and looked good 😉

I sat at the bar in the center of the restaurant. The bartender was so friendly and accommodating, waiting on me intently. I enjoyed an internal dialogue with my higher self, and talked about how amazing the restaurant was, the decor, the friendly faces, etc. Beer was buy one get one free and my date and I giggled at that! 🙂

I ordered oysters and chowder…and amazingly oysters are in season right now! A woman and two guys walked over to my section and sat down. I smiled at them, and from reading them could instantly tell the guys were already either drunk or high on something. Or perhaps a combination of them. They asked if they could move down closer to me, as the side they were on was busy with waitresses getting drink orders. I said, sure its ok. The guy said, oh thank you so much and asked me my name. I told him, he took my hand, kissed it and said you are beautiful. (Inside I am giggling that my Spirit date told me I am beautiful!)

I laughed and said thank you, I’m on a date. He said, I can see that and told me his name was Freddie (I instantly thought freddie mercury haha!)

I continued on my date, focusing on my own heart. When the oysters arrived, I really enjoyed the fact I didn’t have to share them with anyone. The conversations with my date were fun, easy and light. The guy next to me would interject little conversation with me, and even commented that he was very close to asking me to share my oysters. To this I replied, well I’m not sharing these but you can try the chowder. His friend and him were talking about all the good chowder in the world. I took out a fork and dished some chowder up into it, and went to hand the fork to the man. His hands were shaking, and it was apparent in his state he probably would not get the chowder in his mouth. So I said, here open up…and I fed him the biteful in his mouth. LOL I would certainly do that on a date and the universe orchestrated that perfectly 🙂

We chit chatted here and there, but the woman they were with had told them NOT to talk to me and I could sense she was not too happy with them. She went to wait in the car, and the guys told me they were going to a bar across the way and I could join them…they’d give me a ride? I said I wasn’t sure if I will go, but if I do I would meet them there. They then left.

I’m true to my date…and she doesn’t really want to go out to a bar, but enjoy some music time at home. The bartender tells me that whenever I come in, he’ll make sure to take care of me and that him and the other guy is always there for whatever I need.

I go to pay, and the bartender says – oh those guys took care of it. My mouth fell open! Of course my date would pay for me!! God surely is the best date. Besides paying for my meal, Spirit offered me words of beauty, friendship, being taken care of, respect, and always being there for me. It was truly a magical experience and I can say with my full heart loving myself has been the most rewarding relationship in my life.

SO…yea…I started a record company :D


IAR HQ Studio – Just Moved In!

I said this to a friend I had just met in conversation about our life’s passions. He said, “Really do you think that’s wise?” Meaning, what the hell are you thinking starting a record company in this day and age? With the music industry in a dramatic shift, people sharing music for free, the internet changing the usual platforms, it can seem that this would be a time that the major record company players are already established and making their bid for the top sales. Yet, it seems like the perfect time for me.

My intention was simple. I’m a musician and artist, but also at the heart of me is an entrepreneur. I’m always coming up with business ideas, projects and ventures. I started a company back when I was in my ‘mommy’ period called Geeky Moms. I still run a domain with this title, but as a business it fizzled out. Why? Because my underlying passion since I was very young was music.

Even before I was in school I was singing. My parents had this amazing 8-track player which also included a record player. I would listen for hours to the little amount of music that they actually owned. I would sing along to this amazing gospel style female voices and have a wonderful time. One day, I realized the women I was singing along to were actually the Bee Gees. Men with full on beards but really tight pants. My mind was blown, but the quantum shift in my thinking was this – no matter who you are, you can portray whatever you desire. Especially when it comes from your heart.

I would dance every night to the Solid Gold dancers. When our family finally got a little tape recorder, I recorded song after song on it. I’m sure some of those tapes still exist in my mom’s garage.

In school, my music teacher Mrs. Bolin inspired me and instilled confidence in my voice. (Thank you to her and all the music teachers of the world!) When I was 6, I sang my first solo in front of the school and their families. I remember the feeling clearly of singing out and reflecting the song. I don’t even remember seeing anyone in the audience, it was just me and my song.

Everything I did was about my music career in training. I choreographed dances for school plays. I took piano lessons, learned the flute, played in the band, meanwhile dancing at home to my favorite albums.

Somewhere along the way, I began writing music on the piano. I collected all of the songs in a folder and waited for the opportunity to record them. It seemed something was always in my way of that next step. What was in the way was me.

My family believed in me, but for some reason I began to not trust the person in the mirror. I longed for love and couldn’t find it anywhere within myself. For a period, I was very religious and studied the bible like crazy. I wrote in my journal and begged for God’s relief. It was madness to look in the mirror and see someone that didn’t reflect this person who was to be a professional musician. I got all bugged up over it and ended up creating situation after situation to put this dream further and further away.

Then I found myself pregnant. With this perceived kink in the road, I gave up the dream. I decided to become a computer techie,and work at being a mom. I rediscovered music over and over again, and when I was feeling overcome in despair I’d run to it. If I was overcome in happiness I’d run to it. But my confidence was such that I decided to just turn my back on it.

There’s something amazing about your heart. When it calls over and over again, it gets louder and louder. After years of ignoring it, I couldn’t take the sound any longer. I listened to this call, and reconnected with the little girl who knew in her heart what her life purpose was.

Now is the time. By continually connecting to my heart and listening to what feels good to me, the world around me has shifted to create perfect conditions for my passions to unfold. I’m creating and producing music like never before. I’m living in my dream location on Earth – on the Space Coast, where dreams are launched. I have a home on a ranch and my home studio is on an island. The studio is ever evolving and the entire becoming into who I am has been such an adventure.

Therefore, my intention for Inspired Action Records was to create a platform for me to distribute my music. By living by my heart, I also enjoy helping and collaborating with other musicians who are passionate about their music and dreams. Now is the time for all of us to reunite to our heart’s call, and listen to the bell which rings for our ever unfolding bliss.

Cheers to what the Universe will bring next in this adventure!

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