First Release from IAR artist Mantra Sphynx

“Interluded” is the first release from the album ‘The Resonance’ by Inspired Action Records’ artist Mantra Sphynx.

From Mantra Sphynx’s Facebook post:

I’m excited to release the first single “Interluded” from my album entitled “The Resonance.” The footage was captured by me on a flight over the Carolinas of USA.
I’m ever amazed by the wonderment of this universe. The flow of this song matched the majestic feelings of awe and care I felt while flying. All of the miracles the Earth creates in every moment are all around us. As I flew through the divine beauty on the plane, I had a sense of peace and safety. All of life’s problems seemed like little irks we so often pay attention to…when in actually the system of life flows all around us, easily and effortlessly.
I’m ever appreciative of all the angels in my life who are constantly supporting me on this life’s journey.
Peace and love to you and all beings,

Mantra Sphynx

You can check out the release on YouTube and Soundcloud for a free download of the track.

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