SO…yea…I started a record company :D


IAR HQ Studio – Just Moved In!

I said this to a friend I had just met in conversation about our life’s passions. He said, “Really do you think that’s wise?” Meaning, what the hell are you thinking starting a record company in this day and age? With the music industry in a dramatic shift, people sharing music for free, the internet changing the usual platforms, it can seem that this would be a time that the major record company players are already established and making their bid for the top sales. Yet, it seems like the perfect time for me.

My intention was simple. I’m a musician and artist, but also at the heart of me is an entrepreneur. I’m always coming up with business ideas, projects and ventures. I started a company back when I was in my ‘mommy’ period called Geeky Moms. I still run a domain with this title, but as a business it fizzled out. Why? Because my underlying passion since I was very young was music.

Even before I was in school I was singing. My parents had this amazing 8-track player which also included a record player. I would listen for hours to the little amount of music that they actually owned. I would sing along to this amazing gospel style female voices and have a wonderful time. One day, I realized the women I was singing along to were actually the Bee Gees. Men with full on beards but really tight pants. My mind was blown, but the quantum shift in my thinking was this – no matter who you are, you can portray whatever you desire. Especially when it comes from your heart.

I would dance every night to the Solid Gold dancers. When our family finally got a little tape recorder, I recorded song after song on it. I’m sure some of those tapes still exist in my mom’s garage.

In school, my music teacher Mrs. Bolin inspired me and instilled confidence in my voice. (Thank you to her and all the music teachers of the world!) When I was 6, I sang my first solo in front of the school and their families. I remember the feeling clearly of singing out and reflecting the song. I don’t even remember seeing anyone in the audience, it was just me and my song.

Everything I did was about my music career in training. I choreographed dances for school plays. I took piano lessons, learned the flute, played in the band, meanwhile dancing at home to my favorite albums.

Somewhere along the way, I began writing music on the piano. I collected all of the songs in a folder and waited for the opportunity to record them. It seemed something was always in my way of that next step. What was in the way was me.

My family believed in me, but for some reason I began to not trust the person in the mirror. I longed for love and couldn’t find it anywhere within myself. For a period, I was very religious and studied the bible like crazy. I wrote in my journal and begged for God’s relief. It was madness to look in the mirror and see someone that didn’t reflect this person who was to be a professional musician. I got all bugged up over it and ended up creating situation after situation to put this dream further and further away.

Then I found myself pregnant. With this perceived kink in the road, I gave up the dream. I decided to become a computer techie,and work at being a mom. I rediscovered music over and over again, and when I was feeling overcome in despair I’d run to it. If I was overcome in happiness I’d run to it. But my confidence was such that I decided to just turn my back on it.

There’s something amazing about your heart. When it calls over and over again, it gets louder and louder. After years of ignoring it, I couldn’t take the sound any longer. I listened to this call, and reconnected with the little girl who knew in her heart what her life purpose was.

Now is the time. By continually connecting to my heart and listening to what feels good to me, the world around me has shifted to create perfect conditions for my passions to unfold. I’m creating and producing music like never before. I’m living in my dream location on Earth – on the Space Coast, where dreams are launched. I have a home on a ranch and my home studio is on an island. The studio is ever evolving and the entire becoming into who I am has been such an adventure.

Therefore, my intention for Inspired Action Records was to create a platform for me to distribute my music. By living by my heart, I also enjoy helping and collaborating with other musicians who are passionate about their music and dreams. Now is the time for all of us to reunite to our heart’s call, and listen to the bell which rings for our ever unfolding bliss.

Cheers to what the Universe will bring next in this adventure!

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