A Reunion

Beckoned by a feeling


of ache and doubt,

it creeped up on my day

and nagged me throughout.

I sunk into the Earth

and rolled around on its grass,

as if to ask for an embrace

to swallow me up in its grasp.

Taken by a moment of renewal and trust,

it washed up on my day

and calmed me as it does.

I met his smile at the opening of my heart

and I sighed into its warmth and light.

He motioned with his hands,

and in one ease of movement I felt him say, “There you are my love….my sweet Enchantia…the ache you felt brought you back here to me, where I sit and wait.  All of the polarity leading you here to communion with me.”

I smirked in my ways and replied, “You could have just simply asked.”

He laughed a giant deep laugh, full of tease and unconditional love. “But then I wouldn’t hear such funny remarks your perspective has to offer.”

I relax stiller, laying on a white marble slab; giant luscious trees and a fresh flower scented breeze surrounding us.  He leans over me now, and puts his hands above my body and I feel, “Relax my Enchantia.”  I see the energy with his hands, and feel him lovingly do his energetic work on my body.  “Enchantia,” this name he keeps saying I have never heard before, but he keeps referring to me as such and it feels warm.  Sometimes he says “Enchantini” but its almost as if I am not hearing the full pronunciation of this word.

Then, as I relax further into the light, he moves his energy down between my thighs and up through my spine.  My pelvis moves as if to help guide the energy as he moves up through my belly, my navel to my ribs, to my chest, through my throat then all around the top of my head.

He then repeats this process and I feel him say…”I am within you,” as he moves the energy up my body again and around my head continues, “and you surround me.”

The love is intoxicating, sensual and holy.  I feel renewal and transformation as never felt before.  This divine reflection of my Godhead lover feels just as interconnected and receives the fullness of me, the divine goddess reflection, as much as I receive through him.  The ache and longing that brought me to this place was a distant memory, yet a cherished feeling to remember.

We float here in timelessness, and when I opened my eyes again, his voice was ever present on my heart.  Once I felt trapped by my thoughts which blocked me from speaking, but now I speak through our united voice.  We smile together at the reward of it all.  We are excited to be awakened to this holy divinity of unity in a place such as this.  We look forward to all of it, for the reunion is even sweeter than imagined.  All care has and always will be worked in our favor.

For “I am within you…and you surround me.”

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