Full Moon Oneness – February 22, 2016

I breathe deeply. A wayward hair tickles my face as a fresh breeze dances by me. My feet, legs, back, arms and head sink into the firmness of the ground and I feel a hum; a low buzzing. The vibration engulfs me and all that was without becomes within. I am the deepening, an extension of eyes peering out from the Earth. I perceive the radiance of the golden sun, and as it beams its light across my face, I smile in ‘thank yous.’ I am bathed in its love and I feel immersed in its glory. My lips move and form the words, “I love you,” as my heart leaps into a new rhythm.

Beneath my closed eyelids, I can see the shadows of clouds pass by, eclipsing the sun’s radiance. Yet, the heat of its love lingers, and I sigh even more deeply. Completely emerged now into the resplendence of my position, I feel timeless, eternal and united. I pray in wholeness. The murmur of a plane passes by over head, and instantly I connect to the heart which resonates inside its vehicle. We are beacons of love connecting and lighting up.

Illusions of polarity or duality dissipate, and all forms of black, white, male, female unite in holy union. Oneness of the Grand Whole is the reality of my focus.

A bird’s song sails overhead in an exuberant hymn as if to sing, “Alleluia!”

And so it is 🙂
Nicole Ann
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