Gravity + Photons = We Rock

Working on Art Inspired Right NowThis article is a recap and observation from some of the new possibilities being offered by leading edge scientists, thinkers and lovers of our time.  This past week, Wisdom Teachings, on Gaia Tv, went through extensive details on the structure of pyramids and the science behind the potential technology they offer.  The episodes also covers the work of Nassim Haramein, which the friends at Inspired Action Records have been curious about for awhile.

I’m inspired to offer an observation based on the energies we are experiencing right now, combined with their theories, on the day of a Harvest Moon lunar eclipse, and possibly the best time to be alive.

The star tetrahedron is the fundamental shape of the vacuum.  Fractal holographic displays at each level of structure replicates macro and micro.  At all levels, these fractals replicate in a larger and smaller scale.  At the micro levels, the vacuum geometry vibrates, but does not touch.

Gravity is the catalyst, the inertia which photons move and arrange themselves.  Therefore, a structure in the macro material level is a projection of this fractal, pulled together by that catalyst of gravity.

A star tetrahedron is projected from the framework of gravity, or helping along the focus of the structure of spacetime.  At all levels, the God like force is conducting the vibration of the vacuum to pulsate out shape, color and form.

At a large scale macrocosm of a universe, everything fractals out into the torus shape.  We are but minute fragments of the photons projected here in a shape and form.  A projection of a consciousness magnifies an image upon this reality.  Meanwhile, infinite realities of focused light is being magnetized and pulsated in the macro, micro and mini teeny tiny cosms.

Individuated consciousness, with focused observations, directs and commands their light ships into multiple realms.  A deep and intrinsic view is to put blinders on your ship and pretend you are driving.  We are on a holographic acid trip, yet confused and mystified at the awe of our nature.

Additionally, we can focus upon ‘other’ points in the star tetrahedron and within ourselves in infinite ways.  I can see a micro torus expanded by consciousness.  Or, I can view a whole structure of a being, gravitated into one of the possible color, shapes and forms.

My conclusion – God consciousness is our Joy.  We are awakening to our celebration of unity, and the gift of playing in the game.  Our love pulls us together and wakes us up from our slumber.

During meditation this afternoon, I was feeling the vastness of our oneness and how amazing it is to awaken to certain intuitions and understandings like this.  I’ve been doing a lot of different projects and inspired action throughout the week, and was so happy to be brought to the moment where I can relax and meditate in the warm sun.  I asked my inner guide – can I do so many projects and ideas all at once and stay in my flow?  The answer – “You can do it all, just remember to keep ME in the all you are.”  and then – “Keep the I Am in there.”

In gravity and light – we Rock! 🙂