Let Us Meet at the Center, The Latest Release by Mantra Sphynx & 6KAT9

The first release from the next album by Mantra Sphynx is titled “Let Us Meet at the Center” and is now available digitally world wide!

Mantra Sphynx teamed up with the amazingly talented artist 6KAT9 to produce a unique and artistic blend of poetry, art and electronica.  The first track is a call for all conscious beings to recenter and align with the oneness of the universe and is the opening prayer for Mantra Sphynx’s next album entitled “Refraction.”

Mantra Sphynx’s overall vision is to use music and art as an alchemist intention:  to aid in the ever expansion of all beings remembering their own foundations and truth…awakening back to the light and resetting the matrix of reality into heaven on earth.

You can find the track on Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, Itunes, Cdbaby, wherever you prefer to go for your musical streaming, its there waiting for you.

You may recall the painting which inspired the music posted on this very blog a year ago.  Now, it has manifested into music as its next vibrational code offering.  Check out the post if you are curious on the lyrics.


Now that the formalities are done…I just have to say this…

I love creating music!!! 😀  This is the first official track I’ve ever published beyond YouTube & Soundcloud.   I look forward to what will come next, playing live on my own, or with a full band again, or doing more on live streams – who knows what is there!  What I do know is that I get so excited about live music and being a channel for it.  It fulfills me – its who I am and I am so very thankful I have the opportunities to create into form.

Whew – I just had to get that off my fingers…lol  Thanks for listening and remember: its a time to celebrate and love even more! Love, Nicole




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