“The Resonance” by Mantra Sphynx

“The Resonance,” , a collection of music created over the past decade, but finally recorded between 2012-2015 (give or take the time distortion lol) is now available on CD. Its time to put together what is here NOW, compile it all and allow the music to breathe on its own a bit. I’m offering it to you as a gift, for its been one of the greatest gifts of my life. Its nowhere near perfect studio quality, yet its divinely perfect in how it is right now. – Mantra Sphynx mantra

Foreword for the Resonance

This collection of art, music and writings are a culmination of years of searching, feeling and developing a deeper connection to Love. The Love which reaches us regardless of where we are. A Love which knows only itself in its purest form.

I sat at my piano many moments, over many thoughts, feelings and questions. I felt the smooth keys beneath my fingers ringing their tone with such clarity and deeper it pulled me in. Often times, only an octave set of quarter notes playing in a slow methodical rhythm would be all I needed to answer the tone, slowly adding more beneath it. Beckoning and echoing, a resonance asked of me to play further, reach out more and to look within in order to understand the world without.

My life led me to each time lapse of space on the keys. The now called me together into all of the moments, resonating their frequencies, drawing and sewing upon the fabric of the woman I projected. I was all of me through these vibrations. I am not simply playing the music; I am the music.

As the songs progressed, so did I. I suddenly was gifted with the knowing that I wasn’t just a mother, a wife, or a worker that I thought of as myself…but that I was in fact a co-creator of my reality. The limits of definitions I had placed upon myself were now beginning to bend and stretch…and that transformation into a new reality felt like I was pulled between multiple worlds. I didn’t want to be a wife in a marriage that wasn’t right for me, I didn’t want to be a mother and have all the responsibility of what that was suppose to look like. I didn’t want to be told where I had to be at by 9 am every day in order to be able to pay for living. Yet at the piano – I was limitless and beyond any definition. I always felt it, but now I couldn’t resist anymore the forceful powerfulness of my universe’s frequency.

I remember a specific moment clearly. All these moments of a normal moment run together into one. Times full of the activities, getting up in a rush, running kids to school, wiping away their tears of starting another long school day, running to an office where I put out fires and performing my usual tasks, rushing home to cook dinner, and finally grabbing a small piece of escape into my music room. But secretly, I was celebrating the new idea of appreciating what I enjoyed rather than focusing on the ‘what nots.’ I was silenting praising myself, instead of condemning myself for not being good enough. A shift had occurred somewhere through all the mess of life, and through my constant asking after years of feeling there was absolutely something more behind my purpose to be here. I felt a calling some days and I could hardly sit still. I was lucky enough to have a job where I could take walks and write in my journal on breaks. I could even come and go if I just couldn’t take it any longer – and still have a paycheck reinforcing those beliefs which fit me then. A pressure started to become ever present to the forefront of my consciousness. Slowly it heated until a rumbling boil ruptured my soil, cooking me until I felt there was nothing left of me that was my own.

Except for music. Escaping to its comforting and reliable shape and colors kept me alive and full of hope. It fit with me and I with it.

The kids demanded a lot of attention and I in my depleted state could only give so much. I can hear them playing (and sometimes fighting as siblings do) in the other room as I gently arrive to the keys. Looking for the sounds which will echo the void I feel. Just breath, I hear quietly. Relax. The voice whispers to me. Somehow, amidst the chaos of the household, I joined the frequencies of the music as it unfolded and allowed my body, mind and spirit to fill the space. Then, I am there. Filled with the unity of my being. I merge into releasing the escape of the moment into that one now.

At first, I can keep into this zone and the rest of the world around me transforms into all of the music. But at this memory, when the kids and men continue to interupt me, I am unable to keep up with the flow. I get up, linger on the silent keys and sigh. Back to a reality where everyone asks all of me, and I’ve barely been fulfilled on my own.

I often asked myself – how did I create such chaos in my life? I had awakened to the realization that I could choose happiness years earlier. Yet, I didn’t realize how co-creation worked. I knew there was a way to look at every situation in a infinite amount of ways…but I hadn’t had the awareness or self-confidence to do it. I always felt if I could stay at home more, run my own business and be financially fulfilled that way, that I would finally get into great physical health and everything would fall into place. Everyone around me would settle down and be happy with me. It would all end up as a fairy tale romantic ending, where the hero’s live and die in their normal peaceful lives. It would be a simple solution to all the problems facing a woman in the beginning of the 21th century. But somehow, I just wasn’t a fit for that idea of a 21st century woman.

Divinely set upon me, my higher self was guiding me through one of the most tumultuous, yet joyful times of my life. I was returning back to a love and way of being I always knew, yet stumbled around.

The Resonance of the music, the journaling, and realizing new passions such as painting and drawing…all of the songs and art which capitavitated and soothed me were a divine invitation to a peace and love which I long forgot. A new relationship within my heart formed and began to reflect with the gift of a new friendship with another being in this universe, who shared their own gifts of music and experiences with me.  The gift of Tyloga’s music changed my life and literally offered me a rope when I was in some of my most darkest holes. That divine friendship is yet another reminder from the Universe that I am not only alone – in fact I was a part of everyone no matter where they were in this time/space reality!

All of the torment, the chaos, the life I created, it all came down to not wanting the body, money, house, relationship, or {insert desire here} of my dreams. It was the realization that the divine reflection of a Goddess ached for her return. She longed for a reunion with her God. She craved it so much, she built up a world of chaos, only to destroy it and watch it burn. Sometimes, it takes fires in order for us to pay more close attention. In this case, it was a lifetime of fires which became the light bulb over my consciousness.

Now, here I write on this page, an album and book completed after decades of learning, becoming and listening, combined into a collection of songs and writings which led me out of the darkness and back into the light.

This Goddess I felt, who persuaded and enjoyed seeing this expansion occur, lives within me and you. She writes, she sings, she laughs and she cries. She demanded of me to take another chance at the life of my utmost dreams, which was fueled for a passion of joyful living. In my despair, I answered. Desperation is a blessing, it breaks the chaos of normalcy and stagnation, and shoots you back to where you truly belong.

The full story of who I am is only merely reflected now. All of what occurred to me in those times I created and witnessed, and through this calling within, I am propelled into a life whole and profound. I am at a precipice of joy and appreciation. My surroundings are fun, peaceful and loving. I am mostly aligned with my divinity, and when I am not, I am thankful for the clarity it brings.

It is my intent in sharing this music & writings to inspire unconditional Love within your own experience. The Resonance came from a place where Chaotic Indifference can be redefined by your own Logistical Waves of truth. The Intentions of your true desires will rise and once felt fully, you will never be able to put them back to sleep. In our Interluded moments of relaxation and ease, we can merge back into the oneness of all pure love. We can find what it is like to flow with the beauty of life. Allowing walks in nature helps to develop your mindfulness and instigate ever  more relaxation into the truth that we are all taken care of by the Universe. When you begin to notice the magic all around and within us, Manifestation and Clairaudience type experiences may occur. God will begin speaking to his Goddess and she to him. They begin to send love songs, art, surprises gifts, inspiration for creativity, all of this in order to reunite back to the light. She is then Awakened to Love, catapulted into the bliss of being. Where no outcomes can effect that Eternal Reunion between God & Goddess. Together, as spirit is united and duality dissolved back to the Ether, the true bliss of Love in its fullest form is actualized. The Best is Now!

Eternally in Love,

Mantra Sphynx

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