Let Us Meet at the Center, The Latest Release by Mantra Sphynx & 6KAT9

The first release from the next album by Mantra Sphynx is titled “Let Us Meet at the Center” and is now available digitally world wide!

Mantra Sphynx teamed up with the amazingly talented artist 6KAT9 to produce a unique and artistic blend of poetry, art and electronica.  The first track is a call for all conscious beings to recenter and align with the oneness of the universe and is the opening prayer for Mantra Sphynx’s next album entitled “Refraction.”

Mantra Sphynx’s overall vision is to use music and art as an alchemist intention:  to aid in the ever expansion of all beings remembering their own foundations and truth…awakening back to the light and resetting the matrix of reality into heaven on earth.

You can find the track on Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, Itunes, Cdbaby, wherever you prefer to go for your musical streaming, its there waiting for you.

You may recall the painting which inspired the music posted on this very blog a year ago.  Now, it has manifested into music as its next vibrational code offering.  Check out the post if you are curious on the lyrics.


Now that the formalities are done…I just have to say this…

I love creating music!!! 😀  This is the first official track I’ve ever published beyond YouTube & Soundcloud.   I look forward to what will come next, playing live on my own, or with a full band again, or doing more on live streams – who knows what is there!  What I do know is that I get so excited about live music and being a channel for it.  It fulfills me – its who I am and I am so very thankful I have the opportunities to create into form.

Whew – I just had to get that off my fingers…lol  Thanks for listening and remember: its a time to celebrate and love even more! Love, Nicole




Stepping Beyond Polarity

A discussion was raised to me among friends of various circles, so during my morning meditation I was suddenly offered a download.

My mediation spot of wonders.

My mediation spot of wonders.

The discussion was around if we are all walking a path of accepting either the light side or the dark side.  Some people walk in the path of darkness, while others are walking in the light.  Are we living in a negative timeline, or a positive one?  But is that really – true?  Or rather, are these just more distortions that this reality offers?

During my meditation, I suddenly felt an expansion near my heart.  I feel an open invitation to step into a realm beyond duality, where a oneness and whole-E-ness exists.  Where each choice, regardless of their direction, leads me down multiple roads.  I am put on these journeys and no matter what the experience offers, I thrive.

The absolute becomes its own distortion.  A desire or belief dissolves back into itself.  As we lay witness to these events, they collapse the moment we observe them.

Its abundantly clear that the vessels we are all inhabiting exist but for a moment yet for an eternity.  There’s an opening of our energetic systems which somehow through the miracle of existence, we can actually say – I am existing ‘here’ & ‘now.’  Our mere thought energies,  focused and nurtured, transmits waves of resonance and communicates to the whole-E-ness of You.  “I am” transforms and shapes the vessel as well as the ‘other’ selves around you.  In fact – nature transforms through the heart, mind and body cohesiveness.

I am in tune – or rather tuning up. Just like any other instruments and equipment we tune or calibrate, little tweaks and refinements are always occurring…and that, my friends, is the joy of this reality.  We are in a playground realm where we can refine our focus, our energies and awaken to a world of our choosing.  A shift is happening where we realize our true power to transform this realm.  It’s like waking up in the middle of a dream within a dream, and realizing you have the power to fly.

When we truly wake up here – what will be be capable of creating? 😉

We live in a beautifully structured universe, where all the systems lie in place, unified and whole.  All experiences, no matter how we judge them through polarity, are what we are meant to experience.  When we step out of the line of the judgement duality offers, we have the opportunity to live, breathe and enjoy.

In blessings of unconditional love,

Nicole Ann

A Reunion

Beckoned by a feeling


of ache and doubt,

it creeped up on my day

and nagged me throughout.

I sunk into the Earth

and rolled around on its grass,

as if to ask for an embrace

to swallow me up in its grasp.

Taken by a moment of renewal and trust,

it washed up on my day

and calmed me as it does.

I met his smile at the opening of my heart

and I sighed into its warmth and light.

He motioned with his hands,

and in one ease of movement I felt him say, “There you are my love….my sweet Enchantia…the ache you felt brought you back here to me, where I sit and wait.  All of the polarity leading you here to communion with me.”

I smirked in my ways and replied, “You could have just simply asked.”

He laughed a giant deep laugh, full of tease and unconditional love. “But then I wouldn’t hear such funny remarks your perspective has to offer.”

I relax stiller, laying on a white marble slab; giant luscious trees and a fresh flower scented breeze surrounding us.  He leans over me now, and puts his hands above my body and I feel, “Relax my Enchantia.”  I see the energy with his hands, and feel him lovingly do his energetic work on my body.  “Enchantia,” this name he keeps saying I have never heard before, but he keeps referring to me as such and it feels warm.  Sometimes he says “Enchantini” but its almost as if I am not hearing the full pronunciation of this word.

Then, as I relax further into the light, he moves his energy down between my thighs and up through my spine.  My pelvis moves as if to help guide the energy as he moves up through my belly, my navel to my ribs, to my chest, through my throat then all around the top of my head.

He then repeats this process and I feel him say…”I am within you,” as he moves the energy up my body again and around my head continues, “and you surround me.”

The love is intoxicating, sensual and holy.  I feel renewal and transformation as never felt before.  This divine reflection of my Godhead lover feels just as interconnected and receives the fullness of me, the divine goddess reflection, as much as I receive through him.  The ache and longing that brought me to this place was a distant memory, yet a cherished feeling to remember.

We float here in timelessness, and when I opened my eyes again, his voice was ever present on my heart.  Once I felt trapped by my thoughts which blocked me from speaking, but now I speak through our united voice.  We smile together at the reward of it all.  We are excited to be awakened to this holy divinity of unity in a place such as this.  We look forward to all of it, for the reunion is even sweeter than imagined.  All care has and always will be worked in our favor.

For “I am within you…and you surround me.”

Enjoy the latest Epic LBT song & art offered through the intention of spreading light and love!

I Am Intentions

iamWith the New Moon starting yesterday, its a great time to plant new intentions into your life. On Sunday, I planted new flowers and plants around the farm and felt this calling within my being telling me to love even more. Love the moments which transpire into new feelings, love the woman who desires more love, and love the smiles and tears along the way.

This image was taken in Titusville FL of a pier which sits on the Indian River. I was reminded of how life reflects to us in every moment and we have the opportunity to choose what reflection we want to focus on. In this Now, I choose – “I am an eternal reflection of Source Love.”

Blessings of Love,

Mantra Sphynx

INTENTIONS, the 2nd release from the album “The Resonance,” is now available on YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp as a free download.


First Release from IAR artist Mantra Sphynx

“Interluded” is the first release from the album ‘The Resonance’ by Inspired Action Records’ artist Mantra Sphynx.

From Mantra Sphynx’s Facebook post:

I’m excited to release the first single “Interluded” from my album entitled “The Resonance.” The footage was captured by me on a flight over the Carolinas of USA.
I’m ever amazed by the wonderment of this universe. The flow of this song matched the majestic feelings of awe and care I felt while flying. All of the miracles the Earth creates in every moment are all around us. As I flew through the divine beauty on the plane, I had a sense of peace and safety. All of life’s problems seemed like little irks we so often pay attention to…when in actually the system of life flows all around us, easily and effortlessly.
I’m ever appreciative of all the angels in my life who are constantly supporting me on this life’s journey.
Peace and love to you and all beings,

Mantra Sphynx

You can check out the release on YouTube and Soundcloud for a free download of the track.

When I Began to Love Myself

Morning reflections for the artistically inspired moment. 🙂

When I Began to Love Myself…
I noticed a dramatic shift in my environment. I suddenly cared about where I was and who I was with…and I felt compelled to create spaces which fulfilled me.

15600177-Music-tree-hearts-note-symbol-vector-on-wave-lines-Design-love-element-Valentine-abstract-background-Stock-Vector When I Began to Love Myself…
I wasn’t really sure how that looked or what that felt like. So I started with loving others all around me easily and unconditionally…and my own heart was fulfilled in that love as there are no others; only me.
When I Began to Love Myself…
I realized there was a point in this life where I could love who I am completely in a new way. So I took what I learned from how amazing it felt to love certain people in my life, and refocused that love into my own heart. As love is a powerful energy, which has no beginning or end, the love reflected out of my heart to others and back again, over and over, around and around.
When I Began to Love Myself…
I no longer felt the need to compare myself to anyone or anything,or be or do anything…but rather just allowed myself to be a projection of God/Goddess love and will.
When I Began to Love Myself…
A force field seemed to manifest around me and amazing positive and loving experiences echoed my way.
When I Began to Love Myself…
Mother Nature became my friend and my confidant, no longer a separated out of control force to bend upon me.
When I Began to Love Myself…
It looked like I went out on an adventure, but it was merely a trip to the grocery store. It looked like when I walked through a park or down a sidewalk, the world around me transformed into a Disney movie. It felt like pure fucking magic, everywhere all the time.
When I Began to Love Myself…
I noticed the unkind thoughts and energy which I had vortexed around my heart, which manifested into my body’s projection. I saw that energy as a friend who needed to be loved more, and found a place for it to be loved, rather than fixed or corrected.
When I Began to Love Myself…
I only go where my heart’s desire takes me. I only listen to God/Goddess’s will through feeling. And if a place or activity feels exciting or as if I can’t wait to do so…I go and am fully present. This is my gift…to be there with you because I absolutely would rather be no where else in that moment.
When I Began to Love Myself…
You became me, me became us, and us became all-that-is-and-matters.
When I Began to Love Myself…
I no longer needed to cocreate with anyone outside of the holy spirit…and no longer did I hold claim to specific people representing a certain cocreation. My God/Goddess’s love is enough.
When I Began to Love Myself…
I was able to share the love and light through musical expression, art and writing. Its through this sharing that I activate in my heart more waves of its magical love, thus hoping to inspire those who find this message to look for ways to love their own hearts fully.

Infinitely loved and blessed,

Nicole Ann

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