Stepping Beyond Polarity

A discussion was raised to me among friends of various circles, so during my morning meditation I was suddenly offered a download.

My mediation spot of wonders.

My mediation spot of wonders.

The discussion was around if we are all walking a path of accepting either the light side or the dark side.  Some people walk in the path of darkness, while others are walking in the light.  Are we living in a negative timeline, or a positive one?  But is that really – true?  Or rather, are these just more distortions that this reality offers?

During my meditation, I suddenly felt an expansion near my heart.  I feel an open invitation to step into a realm beyond duality, where a oneness and whole-E-ness exists.  Where each choice, regardless of their direction, leads me down multiple roads.  I am put on these journeys and no matter what the experience offers, I thrive.

The absolute becomes its own distortion.  A desire or belief dissolves back into itself.  As we lay witness to these events, they collapse the moment we observe them.

Its abundantly clear that the vessels we are all inhabiting exist but for a moment yet for an eternity.  There’s an opening of our energetic systems which somehow through the miracle of existence, we can actually say – I am existing ‘here’ & ‘now.’  Our mere thought energies,  focused and nurtured, transmits waves of resonance and communicates to the whole-E-ness of You.  “I am” transforms and shapes the vessel as well as the ‘other’ selves around you.  In fact – nature transforms through the heart, mind and body cohesiveness.

I am in tune – or rather tuning up. Just like any other instruments and equipment we tune or calibrate, little tweaks and refinements are always occurring…and that, my friends, is the joy of this reality.  We are in a playground realm where we can refine our focus, our energies and awaken to a world of our choosing.  A shift is happening where we realize our true power to transform this realm.  It’s like waking up in the middle of a dream within a dream, and realizing you have the power to fly.

When we truly wake up here – what will be be capable of creating? 😉

We live in a beautifully structured universe, where all the systems lie in place, unified and whole.  All experiences, no matter how we judge them through polarity, are what we are meant to experience.  When we step out of the line of the judgement duality offers, we have the opportunity to live, breathe and enjoy.

In blessings of unconditional love,

Nicole Ann

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