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deep thoughts by Nikki, light being

Consciousness is stirring from a dream.  A wave of darkness surrounded it, weighing down its natural lightness.  Yet, its slumber is as true and destined as the wakened memories conveying their desire to rise from its rest.

This one unique consciousness is unified and patterned in a multitude of colors.  It spawns the inner sparks to flicker and grow, spanning its regeneration.

“Scientists” suggest at the quantum level everything is energy which can equate to ‘light.’ Electrical synopsis which appears and disappears within and without the field.  Reborn and radiated, these light particles project from one source – the cosmos, the universe, the dimension, whatever term you assign to it.  The You is  a perspective of a unique light particle conveying its consciousness, sparking in its own pattern.

The integration of this concept may be a challenge for aspects of consciousness to rise from its slumber.  An awakened master finishes the great sleep.  The bodies materialized here and now feel limited in perception.  The full light spectrum is blocked out of vision.

This is compared to gravity.  Our senses are also unable to visually see gravity.  Yet, we can feel the force of it, giving yet another challenge to complete.  The bodies projected here may not see its light, but our consciousness feels it.  Can a mirror see itself properly?  Rather, it projects an image of itself.

Another dream to remember is freedom.  Consciousness may choose to focus upon reflections and offer perceptions of them.  A dream state will perpetuate the unconsciousness, the subliminal motivations and desires not simply experienced.  It wants to rise up from its dream state, yet its captivated by the dream world it plays in.  It begins to create more and more.

The miracle of all of this is the memory of a true light state.  A projection of light emerging here to witness itself.  The glory of this realization eases consciousness back into its eternal memory; an emerging and transformative collection of light which does not ever stop, it only refracts.  We are all refracting in this cosmic fireworks display.

As awakened beings traveling here through beams of light, our unique code and spark is here now to feel like this place ‘is real.’  We bring a message of happiness to transform your body to reflect the universe you have risen up to.  Loving “other” reflected and projected light beings is merely loving yourself.  The more this universe focuses on love, kindness and joy, the more the light bodies flicker and flourish.  Eventually, transfiguration is complete and the zipline light journey through the galaxies continues to its next adventure.

May love be our guide.  Peace my friends.


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