Full Moon Oneness – February 22, 2016

I breathe deeply. A wayward hair tickles my face as a fresh breeze dances by me. My feet, legs, back, arms and head sink into the firmness of the ground and I feel a hum; a low buzzing. The vibration engulfs me and all that was without becomes within. I am the deepening, an extension of eyes peering out from the Earth. I perceive the radiance of the golden sun, and as it beams its light across my face, I smile in ‘thank yous.’ I am bathed in its love and I feel immersed in its glory. My lips move and form the words, “I love you,” as my heart leaps into a new rhythm.

Beneath my closed eyelids, I can see the shadows of clouds pass by, eclipsing the sun’s radiance. Yet, the heat of its love lingers, and I sigh even more deeply. Completely emerged now into the resplendence of my position, I feel timeless, eternal and united. I pray in wholeness. The murmur of a plane passes by over head, and instantly I connect to the heart which resonates inside its vehicle. We are beacons of love connecting and lighting up.

Illusions of polarity or duality dissipate, and all forms of black, white, male, female unite in holy union. Oneness of the Grand Whole is the reality of my focus.

A bird’s song sails overhead in an exuberant hymn as if to sing, “Alleluia!”

And so it is ūüôā
Nicole Ann
Enjoy the latest Epic LBT song & art offered through the intention of spreading light and love!

Be Easy – 2-19-2016

I have been offered a gift Рto awaken to the light which I am and you are; all of us intertwined in a cosmic light parade.  Our resonating awareness vibrates and calls to each other.  The fire within each one of us asks us to open up, share and explore this wonderland together.

For we are all united in this universe. My thoughts and feelings are felt here and there. ¬†Nowhere, nothere – it’s all encompassed in this epic co-creation.

Let us find one another.  Let us love the deepness which we live.  Let us be our truest selves РEarth dwellers and galactic love beings.

Be easy on yourselves, my friends, and easy on each other.  Forgiveness lies in a moment and a space where truth expands.  For we are all here expanding in the absolute truth of light, love and resonance.

Blessings of love,

Nicole Ann

Enjoy the latest Epic LBT song & art offered through the intention of spreading light and love!

January Riffs on Order & Purpose – 01/16/2016

inloveWhere is this value in life? ¬†We find purpose in putting things in order, only to see them back in chaos over and over again. ¬†Its like an infinite jigsaw puzzle that you complete…and moments later a toddler comes around and throws all the pieces on the floor.

Are we kidding ourselves to think we can apply this purpose of creating order among chaos? Continue reading

Looking Backwards and Forwards

“I never expected to experience such despair and loneliness in this lifetime.” ¬†Written by Choosemy 13 year old self.

I cleaned out my closets this weekend. ¬†It feels really great to get rid of a bunch of clothes and items that no longer serve me. ¬†In the past year, I moved across the country and in doing so let go of almost all¬†my old wardrobe and a lot of material possessions. Its taken me this long to get my closets organized and let go of even more stuff from my “old” life. ¬†Hidden in the bottom of a box, lay a folder including all of the poetry, songs and journals I began writing in my teenage years that went into my 20s. ¬†Curious, I flipped through some entries and read through those old songs. ¬†Its amazing to me how this woman I am still reflects the young girl who shined through those writings. Continue reading

Sacred Union

Sacred Union

Sacred Union by Mantra Sphynx


A light presents the dawn,

fervor of its triumph forever long.

In the absence of the moon,

The mortals rise from their cocoon.

Who decides the day for a man and woman?

Who pretends to live in such seclusion?

The emotions which sway within a woman and a man,

Shall make way for the goddess and god of this land.

Surrendering to their divinity and revealing light of infinity.

The shadows of self wither into dust,

Their mortal forms remaining as such.

Let their sacred flames burn ever brightly,

And may their power ignite them.

For a god and goddess they will always be,

Walking together in peace on their journey.

I Am Intentions

iamWith the New Moon starting yesterday, its a great time to plant new intentions into your life. On Sunday, I planted new flowers and plants around the farm and felt this calling within my being telling me to love even more. Love the moments which transpire into new feelings, love the woman who desires more love, and love the smiles and tears along the way.

This image was taken in Titusville FL of a pier which sits on the Indian River. I was reminded of how life reflects to us in every moment and we have the opportunity to choose what reflection we want to focus on. In this Now, I choose – “I am an eternal reflection of Source Love.”

Blessings of Love,

Mantra Sphynx

INTENTIONS, the 2nd release from the album “The Resonance,” is now available on YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp as a free download.


Intentions by Mantra Sphynx

INTENTIONS, the 2nd release from the album “The Resonance,” is now available on

intentwithlogo5YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp as a free download.

From Mantra Sphynx’s Facebook post:

I wrote this song with the feeling of Intention. The field of Infinite Possibility is open to all of us, and we have the opportunity to intend throughout this field. My intent in offering this song as a gift to you…to feel the possibility of unconditional love, worthiness and celebration to live here in this reality together.
Thank you for listening,
Mantra Sphynx

You can check out the release on YouTube and Soundcloud for a free download of the track.

First Release from IAR artist Mantra Sphynx

“Interluded” is the first release from the album ‘The Resonance’ by Inspired Action Records’ artist Mantra Sphynx.

From Mantra Sphynx’s Facebook post:

I’m excited to release the first single “Interluded” from my album entitled “The Resonance.” The footage was captured by me on a flight over the Carolinas of USA.
I’m ever amazed by the wonderment of this universe. The flow of this song matched the majestic feelings of awe and care I felt while flying. All of the miracles the Earth creates in every moment are all around us. As I flew through the divine beauty on the plane, I had a sense of peace and safety. All of life’s problems seemed like little irks we so often pay attention to…when in actually the system of life flows all around us, easily and effortlessly.
I’m ever appreciative of all the angels in my life who are constantly supporting me on this life’s journey.
Peace and love to you and all beings,

Mantra Sphynx

You can check out the release on YouTube and Soundcloud for a free download of the track.

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