Set the Vibes – March 24, 2016

The morning of a full moon brought forth a gusto of energy. So much so that a lot of my family was awake around 4 am, some traveling on the road, some flying in planes, and me up with my niece and nephews to send off my brother to work. Amidst the flowing of new life, projects, and the bustling of chasing toddlers around, I felt golden. In fact, my skin was seeping a golden tint. I’m attributing this to the turmeric I’ve been eating in my coffee, but it was still amazing how my inside feelings were manifesting onto my body. I felt golden like a ray of a glow, enveloped in a cosmic flow. The energies flowing through seemed to be pushing through my body in a downward motion. Its as if it was stuck slightly there. There were times that I felt the soreness in my lower hip, but suddenly it pushed even further downward. As the day progressed, and the night sky overtook the light, a burst of energy flashed through the sky. A light show erupted, and the horses in the pasture galloped in rhythm and chased each other to an imaginary finish line. The flickers of the sky and rumbles of the thunder resonated that lowering energy, and as it lowered, I could feel it rise. For what goes up, comes down. I walked on the patio, memorized by the beauty of the evening’s magic show.

The realignment of this new energy felt wobbly. I could feel the earth on my feet shift and shake my body, as if to offer a magnetic blast of relief. Suddenly, the pulling and taunting energy in my lower back and hip released itself. The desire to move around and stay awake for as long as possible offered a challenge, but it seemed one that I had asked to try. I suddenly felt the actualization of the millions of souls which have walked in this body. The cell memories which live on in this form, now inhabited by the soul which sees through this face. I reaffirm with that realization to enjoy, appreciate and create the most loving, fun and amazing life that these cells have ever witnessed. They deserve the chance to experience what it really feels like to be alive here in this density.

I’m very happy to be here in God’s way, trusting and loving the beingness of living here in this body. Let’s party a bit…and set the vibes for the whole. 😀

Peace & Love,
Nicole Ann
Enjoy the latest Epic LBT song & art offered through the intention of spreading light and love!

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